Atmospheric Cold Megawatts (ACM):
The Future of Power Generation

Utilizing a revolutionary new process, the ACM technology is capable of generating power at the scale of coal and hydro plants with virtually no environmental externalities. By leveraging the differences in atmospheric pressure at geographically separated locations, wind speeds approaching sonic levels can be generated within ACM pipelines. This energy may then be converted to a variety of desired forms using existing technology.

No fuel is required or consumed to produce the power. No pollutants are introduced into the atmosphere as the result of the generation process. The cost per KWh is a fraction of traditional (and alternative) generation methods. Because there are few moving parts, maintenance costs are minimal and the projected lifespan of installations is considerably longer than any other generation method.

The Technology

The ACM technology is based on historical differences in atmospheric barometric pressure in different locations. Pipelines are built to both connect selected locations and concentrate the resulting air flow.

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The Difference

ACM power generation delivers superior performance in terms of both environmental impacts and cost per KWh - delivering a win-win solution for investors, producers, and consumers alike.

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